Paseo de la fama


What´s all this about?

Students chose one Spanish speaker they wanted to learn about. Some of the students were very interested about soccer players so they researched about Lionel Messi, Diego Silva, Angel de Maria and Iker Casillas. Others decided to find out about artists like Frida Kahlo and Pitbull , the Queen Letizia of Spain and Papa Francisco were also on the list. One student decided she wanted to learn more about a close friend now back in Spain, Clara C. P. (a former students from CIS). Go for it!

After doing their research, and finding out lot of information about their characters, students wrote an autobiography. They had to pretend to be the character they researched about 🙂 IT WAS FUN!

As final activity, students organized the event “Paseo de la Fama: Pasa la tarde con…”. They dressed up as their characters, made stars for the Walk of Fame, set up their own stations in the class and invited grade 11 students who were also learning Spanish. Students kept very fluent conversations, where they asked and answered questions about personal details and information.

It was a great opportunity for both classes to practice their interpersonal communication skills. Way to go Grade 5 and 11!


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