UOI – Accidentes geográficos y el tiempo atmosférico

Language help us to explore and communicate about the world around us.


An inquiry into:

Function: What language to use to target a specific purpose.

Connection: How we use language to communicate and connect with other people.


Formative Assessment (Function)

Task: Students will identify and compare landforms using qualitative language (taller than…, the tallest… ).

Evidence: Ability to use  qualitative language to describe landforms.

Transdisciplinary skills: Communication Skills: Writing & Speaking

Identifying and comparing landforms

Task : Students will create a graph of the local weather. They will also research about the weather in different locations/countries and create additional weather graphs. The will find similarities and differences (seasons).

Evidence: Ability to collect data, understand the information provided about the weather and record this data in the graph.

Transdisciplinary skills: Research Skills (Collecting and recording data)

Formative Assessment (Connection)

Task: Students will share their weather report  on a social network (Facebook – teacher’s account), and update it every day/week.

Evidence: Ability to communicate using key vocab to describe weather.

Transdisciplinary skills: Communication Skills (Writing, Reading & Speaking)


Summative Assessment

Strategy: Students will create a diorama about the landforms of a country of their choice. They will label the landforms and describe it.

Evidence: Ability to identify Spanish speaking countries , their physical features and describe them.

Transdisciplinary skills: Research Skills (collecting and recording data) Social skills (accepting responsibility, cooperating and resolving conflicts)


Describing our landforms diorama

VoiceThread: https://voicethread.com/new/share/6444690/

Summative Assessment

Task:  Students will make weather reports daily for a week (written and spoken).

Evidence: Ability to use the key vocabulary and grammatical structures to communicate about the weather.

Transdisciplinary Skills: Communication Skills: Writing & Speaking



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